Topic: Problem with Fireface 800, no firmware installed v0.00

Could you please help me?

1) I've bought in 2008, a second hand Fireface 800 with no installation discs.

2) I've tried when received to set up on my Powerbook G4 1.5GHz, driver version 2.62a ok, and update firmware tell me:
"failed error E0000000", on fireface settings says "warning: rme firefice 800 hardware mismatch!", red host.
Beside serial number, v0.00

3) Following family problem, the Fireface been inside her box until now, no time for manage my sound project.

4) Today, tried a new set up on my Macbook Pro, on an another Mac and even PC, same problem as before.
Driver version 2.75 ok, i've tried diferent port, cables, red host is lightning
Beside serial number, v0.00

Do i need to send it to distributor?
I'm leaving in South of France, who's the contact?

Many thanks