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Topic: Technical info about Babyface


I'm looking for some technical info.

I'm about to buy Babyface to use with my current equipament/software (a Sony Vaio VPCF115FM - i7 quad core - 8 GB of RAM - Windows 7), a Glyph external HD, Vienna Symhonic Libaries/Vienna Ensamble and some MIDI controllers under Sonar 8.5. I have some questions:

1-) Is everything compatible with Babyface?

2-) What's the minimum round trip latency of the Babyface?

3-) Will Babyface work in any USB port of my Vaio?? I'm asking this because there's one port that is a USB/e-Sata combo that I already use for the Glyph and it's my only e-Sata option.

Thanks in advance.