Topic: Fireface UC looses connection with midi controller

I just got a Fireface UC recently. I'm very happy with it except for one detail.
My midi controller is connected to the Fireface via the midi port which is in turn connected via USB to a Mac with OS 10.6.7 running ProTools 9.
The problem is that sometimes (at random it seems) the Fireface receives midi data from my keyboard, sometimes it doesn't.
When it does work, I can work in Protools for hours and it won't loose the connection but if I quit protools the fireface usually stops receiving midi in from the controller.
Sometimes, unplugging replugging the midi cable at the back of the fireface fixes it, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes when I start up the studio , it works, sometimes it doesn't.
It's very sporadic.
I have the latest drivers and firmware installed.
Does anyone else have this problem, or know of a workaround?

Re: Fireface UC looses connection with midi controller

ok nevermind. I did a clean reinstall of the drivers and firmware with the files linked in this thread:
it seems to work fine now smile