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Topic: Babyface or ff400 ?

Hello everyone,

I currently use an mbox2mini audio interface
I wanted to upgrade to either a babyface or ff400.
My main concern is quality, will it be too much of a difference?
are the A/D D/A converters similar?
which one is a better audio interface?

I only record vocals, I want the best quality for vocals.

My current equipment is the following :
-Neumann tlm 49
-Great River ME-1NV mic pre
-Mbox 2 mini

thank you

Re: Babyface or ff400 ?

no1 huh?

Re: Babyface or ff400 ?

The FF400 is firewire the Babyface is USB
you can get the FF400 UC which is usb.
The Specs on the FF400 (uc) are slightly better. It has More inputs and outputs.
The Babyface is more portable If you use total mix it has effects so when you record vocals you can put reverb, delay,compression on the headphone mix.
From what I hear you will be hard pressed to hear the difference in the sound quality of the two.
It's really how many ins and outs do you need.

Re: Babyface or ff400 ?

thank you very much!