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Topic: Quick S/PDIF Clock Question


I've been using my FF400 for years utilizing only the analog connections. Recently I've bought a Roland V-synth, and I've hooked it up to the FF using S/PDIF (optical). I have very little experience with digital connections and I know that digital clocking is a big issue so...

The V-synth can only act as clock master. I've set it to 44.100 and the FF clock to "Autosync". Will this have any effect on the FF's reocrding/playback quality? (apart from forcing me to work exclusively at 44.1Khz)


Re: Quick S/PDIF Clock Question

If you have gross clocking issues you'll hear them as clicks and other glitches.  But this shouldn't happen.

If you feel the FF400 clock sounds better than the V-synth clock, or wish to work at higher sample rates,  use analogue audio connections.