Topic: Sound quality influence of external clock source

Hello to everybody...

I have read a lot about sychronizing devices the last couple of days (It's a new task for my upcoming setup).
I own a multiface 1 and get a Lynx Aurora as an extension next week...

I've  heard the jitter of a external clock can decrease the audio quality of the attached device during A/D conversation. Is this true due to your experience?

Do I have to be concerned about it when I sync my RME to the Lynx or vice versa?

Or... Would you say: "Don't care about things like that! Both cans are prof. enough to avoid those kind of problems"

Would be interesting if somebody has some practical experience with that rather than just reading about it (like me)...

Many thanks in advance
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Re: Sound quality influence of external clock source

Use the internal clock in your "best" AD/DA.  It is generally agreed that a descent AD/DA sounds best (least jitter) when clocked internally - and the Aurora is certainly a great AD/DA.  There are exceptions - listen to your ears.

RME tends to be immune from external clocking jitter with SteadyClock, but the Multiface itself doesn't have SteadyClock.  No big loss IMO...


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Re: Sound quality influence of external clock source

Thank you Randyman...!