Topic: ADI-2 with MBOX3 and Mac-mini?

Again, I keep hearing that I need to have a USB or Firewire in the vocal chain in order get the BEST conversion from the ADI-2. Up until not I've had the ADI-2 connected to my Mac-mini via Toslink (optical). And I have "digital" chosen for the input/output device. And I have the Pre mic out going into the ADI-2 analog in (via TRS). This is how I've had my set-up for the last year or more and seems to sound pretty good, though I'm not sure this gets the best conversion from the ADI-2.

I tried adding an MBOX3 (regular) to the ADI-2 via S/PDIF ins/outs:

Amadeus Pro DAW:
MBOX selected as input/output: No signal from the Pre, just the MBOX. Although I see levels on the meter, nothing from the mic changes the levels and I get no sound in.
DIGITAL selected: I have to playback in OPT...sound is super slow with clicks...something is definitely off.

In system sound preferences I have three choices:
Digital Core Audio

I tried Digital and MBOX and get the same slow, warbly sound. When I select Digital Core Audio, it just defaults to the MBOX.

In PT9 Hardware Set-up, I only get a "Pro Tools Aggregate I/O" and can select the Set-up App, Midi Set-up. From Midi Set up when I select "Digital In/Out" and hit record, I get a spinning ball and everything freezes up.

I don't know if there are separate MBOX settings somewhere.

So, should I put the MBOX in the chain? If so, how? Thanks!

Re: ADI-2 with MBOX3 and Mac-mini?

I can not think of a good reason to add the mbox or any other audio interface to your setup, unless you need more inputs or outputs then the 2X2 you have now. The ADI2 is really really good! Like this you will have stellar audio quality.

Vincent, Amsterdam
Babyface pro fs, HDSP9652+ADI-8AE, HDSP9632