Topic: connecting 2 DAWs via MADI

to connect 2 DAWs via MADI is there an additional device needed (MADI-Bridge etc..), or can those HDSPe cards "talk" to each other directly?

One DAW should hold MIC-and AD/DA devices - the other "naked" just with MADI-Interface "production player / secondary recorder"

Thanks in advance



Re: connecting 2 DAWs via MADI

It depends on your setup if you need an additional 'patchbay' or not. Basically you can send MADI directly to/from DAW to DAW, but then you have no input left on the HDSPe MADI card for other signals. With a clever ring cabling and routing this can be solved, especially when you don't need all 64 channels.

Matthias Carstens