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Topic: ufx and waves MultiRack

please make rme ufx MultiRack-Ready.  it would be a huge help to many of us who do live mixing.  thank you!


Re: ufx and waves MultiRack

The Waves MultiRack already works with all RME audio interfaces as do any other audio interfaces which use ASIO drivers or Core Audio Drivers. This is pretty much every Pro Audio audio interface on the market.
RME's drivers will give you more stable and lower latency drivers than most competitors products.

Thanks Chris

Chris Ludwig
North East USA Sales | Synthax/RME
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Re: ufx and waves MultiRack

this is good to know.  i already own your ufx and i am a delighted user!

why does waves show just a few manufacturers as MultiRack-Ready?  see bottom of page: http://www.waveslive.com/html/multirack.aspx

thanks for the swift reply.

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Cross company marketing campaign. I say you are cool and you do the same.

best regards

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Admin Knut wrote:

Cross company marketing campaign

that explains it well.  thanks for the reply.