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Topic: HDSP MADI Dropouts/distortion etc Need help on a deadline

Hello everyone I had a very stable system up and running, I'm running an a8n-sli premium, with 2 gigs of ram, main drive on sata and 2 ide drives, one for projects and one for libraries.  I also have a dvd drive on the ide bus.  My system was running smooth as butter and I was able to get down to 128 with no problems relatively easily.  Because of a different problem I had to format my system.  Granted this system is my workstation, everything is disabled in bios and etc.  No ethernet no access to the internet a work only computer. 

Now I formatted downloaded the latest drivers and I keep getting drop outs on projects that had worked perfectly before formatting (a project I was working on yesterday on the same settings!)  I have installed the newest drivers for everything for the madi card itself, for the chipset everything I can think of.  Tried different latency settings and when I go down to 256 it's like I can hear distortion! clicks and pops non stop.  the dropouts still happen randomly but with a shimmer of nasty distortion!  I tried the new drivers "wdm streaming driver" and when I opened up nuendo my midi meter was peaking!  Very strange whats going on.  I tried a lower latency and got the same thing.  I tried opening other projects and the same thing, feels though that when I bypass everything it doesn't dropout as much.  My pc is not bottlenecking as task manager on the project is only at about 56%.  If I mixdown in real time, the wav also has the dropouts, haven't tried mixing down with all the clicks and pops.  Right now I'm at 2048 and still getting dropouts less but still getting them and the cpu meter in nuendo is at best 20-25 percent coinciding with task manager at 25-30 percent.  Whenever the dropouts happen I have no spikes on any of the meters. 

I need help asap anything would be appreciated.