Topic: FEATURE REQUEST...RME Mixer to host Plug Ins

Hi everybody...quick question. I have used RME cards for years, and one thing I love is the software mixer. I am running into some limitations with my setup that I think could be solved by modifying the mixer a little bit. Basically, I am running three machines, all hosting Vienna Ensemble Pro instances and streaming to my sequencer. The sequencer is routing audio through my RME card and into a print machine for stems, etc. The problem is that every time I have to tweak a plug in setting or verb send, etc. I have to track the instruemtn down on three different machines, which is a pain.
     Would it be possible for the RME mixer to host plug ins and allow bussing/sending in the future? This way, users could offload some of the procesing of these plugs and FX from their DAW and host everything in one clean easy to use interface. Is there already software out there that does that?

(Since I know someone is going to ask...I could potentially host them on my print machine, but I am still using an older computer, and newer versions of certain plug ins will not run on it.)


Re: FEATURE REQUEST...RME Mixer to host Plug Ins

Not possible. It would also defeat the purpose of the zero latency mixing environment of the Total Mix.
Would seem easiest and probably in the long run cheapest toe  get a faster machine for the DAW so that it can process the majority of the effects and just leave VSL for the large sample libraries.
You could use keyboard and mouse sharing software to use one keyboard and mouse to control  multiple computers.
Input Director (Windows Only)
Multiplicity (Windows Only)
SynergyKM (cross platform)

Thanks Chris

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