Topic: ADI-2 obsolete after FF UCX - question for design-savy!

Hi Guys,

I am upgrading my studio and have made the decision; Fireface UCX will be THE combo I've been looking for for a long time! But - I'd really like to know whether my good old ADI-2 (which I'm using as converter and master clock for M-Audio interface) will be only useful to collect dust after I get the FF UCX?

Let's put it simple; can ADI-2, despite being almost 10 years old unit, still improve the sound of FF UCX (used as a converter and/or clock source after it) or would this step be completely unnecessary after I acquire FF UCX? There are various rumors/opinions that the design of some stages of ADI-2 is better then that of FF units, but I really don't have enough knowledge on design/topology behind these units to be able to judge for myself.

Therefore I'd really appreciate your input on this. I don't have unlimited budget and would sell ADI-2 if there would be no practical benefit from it. But if this unit could still push the sound capturing/reproduction limits of even such an elaborated combo as FF UCX is supposed to be, then I will ceratinly keep the ADI-2, my best home-studio investment (so far?).

Thank you for helping me on solving my dilemma!