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I am about to have a builder put together a new computer for me that will run Reaper.   I want it to be able to support both my Lynx 2 card and my Fireface 800 (one at a time, not simultaneously.)

Any one have suggestions of good, middle of the road motherboards (not the cheapest, but not bleeding edge new) that fit the bill?

Or, is it basically, buy anything stable and get the LaCie FW card.

Thanks in advance for all responses and suggestions.

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if your builder doesnt know i suggest finding one who does..

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jcschild wrote:

if your builder doesnt know i suggest finding one who does..

Any suggestions?


And I agree also.

Isaac P

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The builder is a friend, not a DAW builder.

Thank you for taking time to reply though.

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I would stick to the Intel "older" Intel P55, H55 and x58 chip set based motherboards.
Gigabyte, ASUS, Intel and MSI all make boards that will work. I would probably stick to the Gigabyte and Intel ones just because those older models tended to come with Texas Instruments fire wire on board. This may allow you to fore go the need to use the Lacie card.
If you want to use the Lacie still then you need to find a board with 2x PCI slots assuming it is a PCI version and not a PCI-e card.
I would not buy a board with more than 2 PCI slots. Having more will sacrifice the number of PCI-e slots which will needed for future upgrades.
Thanks Chris

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I am using since 10 months a Gigabyte mobo GA-X58A - UD3R coupled with RME Fireface 800 thru a LaCie FW800 PCIe card. All these components work flawlessly togetner, which prompted me to buy a R34 Express card FW800 from LaCie to use it with a laptop for mobile recordings.

Both fixed and mobile gears work without a problem and I recommend them. Both seem to be rather middle of the road regarding price range.

Good luck

PS : I agree : the most vital component of your DAW is...the builder. Make sure it is the right one..!rotfl

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What do you actually want with 20-year-old mainboards?

It doesn't make any sense to use something like that anymore. This only results in certain consequential dependencies, which ultimately mean that you cannot use a current OS and applications. Even for a pure recording PC without connection to the Internet, I would not do it to myself to use such antiquities.

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