Topic: ADI-8 DS clip level

I have just bought an ADI-8DS which is now connected to a DIGI002 Rack and used with Protools LE 7.1.

I am feeding the converters with Audient ASP008 and Universal Audio 610 preamps via the TRS inputs with balanced cables and find it difficult no to light up the red "clip" light before reaching the 2/3 of the input level in Protools. The input of the ADI-8DS is set on Low Gain but the red light showing overload is on, not most of the time but before I reach the maximum within Protools. It there something that I could have done wrong ?

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Re: ADI-8 DS clip level

The DS indicates clipping at exactly +17 dBu. The true clp limit is +19 dBu. It seems you are working with +24 dBu, which is unnecessarily hot and will indeed overload the DS.

Matthias Carstens