Topic: Fireface UCX ASIO driver

Dear all. When I connect my Mustang II via USB to the PC, I can select ASIO4all V2 in Samplitude as the ASIO driver and I can rout the Mustang as the recording input in my DAW. I can monitor via the Fireface - all right. However, when I select Fireface_USB_ASIO in my DAW, there's no chance of selecting the Mustang USB as a recording input in my DAW. I can't believe that ASIO4All is - in this respect - more flexible than the ASIO Driver that comes with the Fireface. Anybody who can hint me at a solution to this? I would of course prefer the Fireface-ASIO Driver. Best Jörg


Re: Fireface UCX ASIO driver

The RME ASIO driver has nothing to do with that. If at all you would complain at Samplitude to support not more than one ASIO driver at a time - which is completely pointless, means makes no sense at all. ASIO4all operates like a bridge between different devices, and is the way to go then.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Fireface UCX ASIO driver

Thanks for the reply. I have changed that setup now - no problem. However, I still think that the problem is independent of Samplitude, because I couldn't even get a signal into Total Mix without Samplitude. I was hoping I could make the UCX understand that there's another signal coming through a different USB port on my computer - which didn't work. However, I have a new question, which I will be posting in a different thread.