Topic: ADI-2 and Multiface

I use several RME interfaces with my set up, very crazy but it works my question is I mix out my 24 channel analog board 2 channel analog sub into ADI-2 which goes to my power speakers and into a multiface via adat cables. The Multiface unit data cable is conneted to a notebook  that takes my stereo master mix at 96K. Can some help me or suggest the best quality connection's and settings on the Multiface driver interface  for this? would spdif and not adat be better?  I should use the multiface for master and adi-2 since it has steady clock as slave correct ? etc.

I use a PC DAW it ouputs into a Digiface that controls a couple of differant pre amps that I try and word clock but one is a focusrite saffire pro 40 (firewire ) no work clock and a presonus ds fx with word clock all adat connected yes is crazy just trying to get the best bang for what I got my RME stuff is great just what to make sure I'm using to the fullest and get the best quality I can
thank you