Topic: Suggestion for Totalmix

Mac computers allow you to change the action of a finger gesture, either on a trackpad or magic mouse.  The motion of the user's finger, on the mouse or trackpad, will cause the a window to scroll in the direction of the swipe, or in the opposite direction.  This is a choice the user can make in the system preference settings. 

In the mixer view of Totalmix, the same gesture can be used to change the level of any fader, pan knob, or effects send.  Unfortunately, if the user's mac is set to "scroll direction: natural" then the finger movement has the opposite expected effect in Totalmix.  If you brush your finger up, the fader moves down. 

It would be great if there was a setting in Totalmix which could reverse the response of Totalmix to the scroll gesture input from a mouse or trackpad.  That way, no matter which setting you use on your Mac, you can have Totalmix respond to your gesture in the correct and expected manner.