Topic: Home users

Where this is a professional quality card I would have imagined that the majority of users are home users or small studio owners where their PC is not only used for music but also as a daily use machine.

If the majority of users are home users as I suspect and do plan to use the machine for all normal things like movies, music, gaming and the like then I have to wonder if RME should trying to make their cards and totalmix a little more windows 5.1/7.1 multi monitor friendly.

Master volume and master mute for those using multi speaker setups would be a real bonus, I am not talking about having to faff with grouping and midi, it wouldn't be difficult to have a master fader and a master mute either in windows, a separate app or in totalmix itself - off the bat and with no fiddling. Obviously stereo users wont have this problem as there will only be one fader.