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I have been trying but failing so far to use this in my custom OSC template using the TouchOSC editor.  I am able to make the submix in Totalmix jump around using a multi toggle with the solo osc command when busOutput is activated.

Am I correct in understanding that using the setSubmix command eliminates the need to make sure busOutput is activated?

I have been trying to set up a toggle button on page 1 of my template called /1/setSubmix1 in order to try and select submix 1 but clearly I have done something incorrectly.

I also tried a toggle without the page number so it was /setSubmix1 but still no joy.

If anybody has used this and can give a working example that would be great.  I can post images if needed.


Re: setSubmix OSC command

There are at least two working examples - a test template from us and Mats Helgesson's latest templates: …

Matthias Carstens

Re: setSubmix OSC command


I answered my own question after a little more time.  Just in case anyone else has this problem:

Firstly I made sure "Submix linked to OSC Control" was ticked in the Totalmix FX -> Options menu.  In the editor, I created a push button and then disabled the OSC: auto checkbox.  I typed in the command as:

Value range: 0 To: 0

This selects AN 1 or AN 1/2 (Outputs) depending on whether they are linked for stereo or not.) Using a Value range of 1 To: 1 will select AN 1/2 if they are linked or AN 2 if mono.

I'm really starting to enjoy this OSC thing.  I have it set up so that I can sort my in ears mix myself from my phone.  Awesome.

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Thanks Matthias,

Those are very helpful, I hadn't thought of using a slider for selecting the submix.