Topic: Totalmix FX with UFX routing/output questions

can anyone let me know if the UFX and totalmix can do the following with its routing and outputs.

Can you take one mic input and have it run through two different input channels on the mixer ? Or is the top row of input channels on totalmix FX locked to each hardware input ? In other words can mic 9 split and go to more than one of these input channels and use different input settings ?

I would like to find a way to have a vocal mic using some compression being routed to the main outputs (and onto some PA speakers) and then have the same vocal channel without compression being routed to one of the other analog outputs (for a foldback speaker).. I want compression on the mic only for the main speakers but not the foldback if possible. If the mic was on two input channels i could setup one of them with compression settings going to main out and the other channel without the compression getting sent to a different output for foldback.. The main speakers will have other things mixed in also so i do not want to apply the compression to the output channel.. Im guessing this is not possible ? If so, would anyone know a way i could achieve this kind of routing inside the UFX without needing to use an external Y splitter cable on the mic and take up two of the XLR inputs ?

Also is there an easy way of having a mix that is going to the main outputs identically duplicated to other outputs at the same time ? So when you make an adjustment to an input channel fader or software playback fader it immediately applies to mutiple outputs without having to select each hardware output andthen  adjust each source fader to repeat the same mix ?  Is it just a matter of highlighting multiple outputs before moving inputs faders to duplicate the mix across all those outputs ? or is there an easier way than this ?

Re: Totalmix FX with UFX routing/output questions

For your first question, I don´t think this is possible - the hardware inputs are locked to a single channel. You might use a Analog Out and patch to another analog in - so you don´t lose a XLR in. Regarding your second question, you can switch Totalmix to Free Mode, so a change to an input fader affects the send of this channel to all outputs. Or you could create a Fader Group including all the sends.

Re: Totalmix FX with UFX routing/output questions

Fro your first question, I don't think you can do this just within Total Mix.  But if you don't need one ADAT channel, you could use a small ADAT cable to patch your ADAT outs to your ADAT ins, then route your vocal to two ADAT outs.  This way you don't use up your analog channels.

Re: Totalmix FX with UFX routing/output questions

Thanks for the responses.. what you guys have said about using an output back to an input for my first question is what i thought may be the solution also.. It would be easy enough for me to use the ADAT ports as i wouldnt be using at least 1 of them in this application.. but would there be any potential problems just patching out of one ADAT output back to another input ? obviously the UFX would be master clock device and i would assume it would be fine but im never sure with digital sync what it can get tempremental about ?