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1/I would like to know if there is something to adapt total mix windows to the screen ?
In live situation I would like to see all the in and out even if  reduce in and out format.
2/ always in live mix, I don't need software playback row.
Maybe I can close this row ?

I know that RME don't initially create ufx to live mix on stage but it's certainly a part of the future ( SAC virtual mix) with touch screen.
Many guys use with success this unbelievable audio interface to mix live shows.
Before UFX, I use another interface to see if it's possible to do something good on stage and it run.

I have so many bugs with digital console like Tascam, Roland, Behringer, Soundcraft.
My little set with adat interface is more secure.
For me, the only problem is the use of screen outside with sun .




Re: ufx totalmix view

Use 2 row mode, then move the left edge of the playback channels to the right to make the whole section as small as possible. You might also hide all the playback channels via Channel Layout.

Matthias Carstens

Re: ufx totalmix view

I discovered the first way.
Thanks for the channel layout. I saw "hide" !
I see that isn't possible to reduce  proportionally the size of objects.
Next update maybe.
many thanks for your quick response.
Philippe Perié