Topic: Totalmix FX and MIDI fader control


I have a TotalMix FX setup for my UFX where some of the channels have the TRIM GAINS button activated. The reason for this is to make the adjustments on all assigned subgroups at the same time (A real time saver)

This works like a charm inside TotalMix FX, as I can monitor the Matrix view, and acually see  that the fader movements are affecting all subgroups.

Then I try to control the same fader using MIDI (In my case a Novation ZeRO SL controller) and sadly .... the fader movements only affects the selected subgroup. This makes the MIDI control almost useless, as I need a external MIDI fader movement also to affect all assigned Subgroups.

I have been playing around with all MIDI settings inside TotalMix FX, but nothing seems to work.

Is it supposed to be this way by design, or have i stumbled over a small bug here ?
Or is there some way around this issue ?

Cheers Nils.