Topic: Touch OSC question


I am considering trying to edit the standard TM template for Touch OSC to better suit my needs for live mixing and want to see if my ideas are possible before I spend time trying to figure out the editing program.   I use a UFX for mixing live bands, my own included.  My live set up includes running FOH in mono from output 1, and stage wedges in mono from output 2.  My other outputs are used to run IEMs.  My ideas for Touch OSC edits are:

1) assign what is currently the Master fader to *mono* output 1.  The current system seems to follow what ever is assigned as "Main" in Total Mix, which is always stereo and therefore controls levels of both FOH and wedges in my current set up.
2) create a new fader called Wedges and assign it to output 2.
3) Create buttons below the Master and Wedges faders with select buttons to directly switch between these two submixes from the Input view.  The current system of first switching to Output view, then selecting the appropriate output, then switching back to Input view seems unnecessarily cumbersome especially if you are trying to fight some sudden feedback.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciates.  Cheers,