Topic: RME Driver Installer for Windows (HDSP/HDSPe Series)


many years our drivers were based on Windows own installation routine and mechanism. In Windows 7 Microsoft removed the automatic start of the Driver Software Update dialog, which removed a part of the convenience and system integration. Therefore we are now offering our drivers as Driver Installation Wizard, means a program that guides you through the process (german/english) and copies all driver files to the correct places. It also updates existing driver files and can even remove the driver and itself via the standard Control Panel/Software dialog.

As usual with these installers when performing a first installation on a naked system it is recommended to run the installer first, then plug in the audio interface, so Windows can not only start its P&P process, but will also find the drivers needed.

The latest driver 3.36 for our HDSP and HDSPe interfaces

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/dr … in_336.zip

is our first public release (USB and FireWire installers are also available, see the other forum) and includes the latest ASIO 2.3 option for MMCSS.

We appreciate any testing and feedback!

Matthias Carstens

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Re: RME Driver Installer for Windows (HDSP/HDSPe Series)

Great work! Finally driver installation without doing it manually from device manager, I mean it wasn't problem for me but my colleagues are noobies so they always call me for that kind of thing. Now it's so easy, a 6 year old can do it. I'm using them from today.