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Hi all,
    Im after some advice re a possible upgrade.Currently i use an rme hdsp9632 with cubase sl plus al te normal soft synths,plugins,mixer etc etc. I ve just signed to an indie dance label and have several remixes for artists on the way as well. I'm in the near future looking to upgrade to a better setup.

I really like the idea of a a madi card with a 648 and then a tlaudio m4 as im a stikler for running stuff through valve and analog gear to warm it up and get the sound i like.

I know you can get adat boards for the tl audio m4 and im thinking of the 24 channel version so id need 4 adat boards. I see the 648 suppos up to 8 adats.So am, i right in thinking that all i need is:-
1. 1x Madi pci card
2. 1x adi 648
3. 1x m4 mixer
4. 4x adat boards

On top of this i hear great things about using the big ben clock with rme and other stuff. So would adding that round of a really good setup. Im just checking i have not missed anything (except cables etc).


P.s (RME) Thanks for the hdsp9632 since owning one i have had a realy good comments remy sound and quality,im sure part of this is due to that card  wink

Re: upgrade in future

Short answer = Correct.
Totalmix will allow you to route and re-route anything to anything for running throughvalve gear, so use that as your digital patch bay.
The RME clock is probably the best available though. Personally I wouldn't worry about the Big Ben.
Sounds like a good set-up, will seve you well.

Re: upgrade in future

Thanks for the help,the only thing im slightly stuck on now is really i want to run everything back from the m4 mixer via the digital out board on the master section which is spdif,but i cant see any spdif on the adi648 or madi card itself,what could i use by rme that would work perfectly to convert an spdif signal back into the madi ?

Re: upgrade in future

ADI 4-DD can convert optical toslink SPDIF or AES/EBU to ADAT. If you only have coax SPDIF out, you can use an adapter to hook that to the XLR AES/EBU connection. The ADAT out of the 4-DD would connect to the ADI-648.

Jeff Petersen
Synthax Inc.