Topic: OctaMic XTC - Remote control with TotalMix FX

Every RME audio interface equipped with TotalMix FX (v0.99 or higher) includes an option to control the OctaMic XTC’s most important parameters (gain, 48V, phase, mute, AutoSet) from the TotalMix FX input channels. This special remote control uses MIDI (DIN, USB, MIDI over MADI). Here is how to set this up:

- TotalMix FX version 0.99 or up required.

- TM FX Options - Settings (or F3): Tab Aux Devices. This dialog is mostly self-explanatory (once you know it is needed for this functionality). Select 'ADAT 1-8', OctaMic XTC, the MIDI ports that you will use (1 or 2). Device ID can stay on 0, as you have only one device.

- As you click OK you already have all the additional options in the ADAT input channels of TotalMix FX, just click on the tool symbol: 48V, PAD/Inst, Gain stereo or mono, AutoSet can be controlled directly from the computer - not yet, because:

- OctaMic XTC: verify the unit is also set to Device ID 0 (SETUP - Options - General Settings) and that MIDI Control Thru is OFF (one below)

- Select the DIN MIDI port for remote control I/O (SETUP - Options - MIDI Sources). Set Control (Inp.) to DIN In. Set MIDI DIN Out to Control.

- Use two standard MIDI cables to connect in and out both ways.

- Route your analog I/Os to the ADAT I/O (seems to be the case here already) - SETUP - Options - Digital Routing.

That's it.

Users that have a MADI interface don't need extra MIDI cabling, they use the virtual MIDI port within the MADI stream (MIDI over MADI).

Matthias Carstens