Topic: HDSPe Madi & MCU Pro Midiport conflict?! Help!!

Hi there!

I have a pretty big problem with a pretty big RME system.
The system contains a Mac and a PC both equipped with HDSPe Madi cards connected via Madibridge to two ADI8 QS and (yet) one Micstasy.
The problem is, that the PC doesn?t work with our Mackie Control Universal Pro. In detail:

When I deinstall the HDSPe card and instal the MCU Pro via USB, the MCU works fine. All four Midiports appear as usual.
But when I install the HDSPe card (which works fine in the system with audio and midi) the midiports of the MCU Pro disappear and I cannot use it any longer.
This problem seems to be a windows problem. The windows audio settings show only the Madi-midiports, where the MCU ports have been.

I posted this problem in 3 forums and to mackie germany and US. No hint so far. 
What I already tried: De- and instaling in any order. All drivers where installed successfully - no prompting.
Deinstalling the MCU while not connected.

There is one strange thing left: nuendo can select a midi input from the MCU pro and reacts on any command sent from the MCU. But because of the missing output (which is again not in the output list - same as under windows itself) it can not send any information back to the MCU. The MCU remains totaly passive.
The input and output lists of midi ports under Nuendo contain all three MADI midiports.

It seems, that my HDSPe steals the ports from my MCU?!

Can anyone give me a hint?
Thanks in advance!!!

Friedemann Kootz


Re: HDSPe Madi & MCU Pro Midiport conflict?! Help!!

That is a known problem of Windows. Which version are you using? You can make the MIDI ports reappear by limiting the number of WDM devices of the MADI card (you don't need them anyway) to 16.

Matthias Carstens

Re: HDSPe Madi & MCU Pro Midiport conflict?! Help!!


Finaly! smile Thank you!

I have a Win XP SP2 system. I changed the WDM option and everything works fine now. Thank you so much for your help. Are there any disadvantages with the lowered WDM device count?

Yours Friedemann


Re: HDSPe Madi & MCU Pro Midiport conflict?! Help!!


Matthias Carstens