Topic: Workaround for audio problems with Fusion Drive equipped iMacs

Here's a workaround devised by our customer Pedro Alcalde (many thanks...):

All documents, instruments VSL etc copied to a fast external HD and deleted from iMac.
iMac only with Mavericks and all the other Softwares (ProTools 11, Logic X, Office, Adobe, etc.) = ca. 80GB to the TIME MACHINE.

Split the FusionDrive into SSD and HDD
Installed Mavericks 10,9,1 from USB to the SDD
Transfer from the Time Machine copy (only 80GB) to the SDD
Copy all other documents into HDD
Transfer iPhoto-iTunes-iMovie libraries also from SDD to HDD (SDD remained then with 58GB)

Audio perfect - Fireface perfect - and very fast Mavericks and Programs from the SDD
And a few alias from carpets to HDD ("Desktop" goes with the OS to SDD)

It works very very well (for me better than Fusion: you have all the programs in the fast disc and all the documents in the other)

Daniel Fuchs


Re: Workaround for audio problems with Fusion Drive equipped iMacs

Apple today released OS X 9.2, which includes this fix:

> Fixes an issue that may cause audio distortion on certain Macs

which translates into

Fixes the Fusion Drive audio problems on all Macs with such drives

Please report back whether it fixes these issues or not.

Matthias Carstens