Topic: CC-Mode settings via CLI ??

Hi there.

Just purchased a Fireface UCX. Very nice. Especially the CC mode.
With external device controls and presets I can do some basic settings.
More then I ever expected from a RME device. wink

However. I'm dreaming about some small additional features.

Note: I'm well aware that RME won't open sources for the FW/USB interfaces. Fair enough.

Perhaps there's a way to introduce some kind of interface that let us Linux/Android folks set some basic functions, equal to these
that you can set via/preset or external device control..

I'm wondering if the CC mode  exposes too many, if any, secrets. It's a complete different firmware.

It would be very nice to be able to access  some settings, such as output levels, phantom power etc. by a simple CLI interface, or similar.

RME folks: Don't forget Android is also using Alsa!!