Topic: New Windows HDSPe MADI FX / MADIface XT driver 2.0

RME presents the new Windows HDSPe MADI driver 2.x !

Follwing the release of the new HDSP/HDSPe driver 4.x we ported the latest changes over to the MADI driver. The new driver generation 2.x introduces a flexible choice of WDM stereo and multi-channel device settings, plus a fully free Speaker property assignment for all active devices.

It also uses complete unload/reload of WDM devices to provide full control over the system sample rate under Windows 7 and 8.

TotalMix FX is on the latest 1.02b2.

Updated manuals covering the latest changes are available from the RME website, section Downloads, Manuals, or here:





Driver download:

https://archiv.rme-audio.de/download/dr … win_20.zip

There is one thing I would like to point out: as mentioned on another thread I have a lot of computers suffering from the svchost process issue. With this driver you can perform the ultimate test, as all channels are available as WDM stereo devices - 98 with the FX, 99 with the XT. 7/8 support at least 199 devices, we tested, that's not the problem. The problem is that when one of my computers needs 3 minutes to start Cubase with 15 WDM devices (UFX), then these 99 freeze the PC and the process svchost.exe tends to hang forever. This can be easily avoided if you take care not to activate all WDM devices (makes no sense anyway).

Have fun!

Matthias Carstens