Topic: How to record 64 digital microphones simultaneously? All over MADI.

Galaxy Studios is a music recording, mixing, mastering and postproduction facility established in Mol, Belgium. For a new recording project, Galaxy Studios started a collaboration with Sennheiser / Neumann and RME. With two recording studios and two control rooms, they
built enough space for a 70-piece Philharmonic  Orchestra and a large number of singers. All audio  content was  recorded simultaneously with analog and digital microphones. More details here: For recording with the analog microphones a NEVE 88D console was used, while 8 RME DMC-842 M where used to control the digital microphones, to convert the AES42 signals to MADI and to deliver combined MADI streams for the recording in ProTools.
More details here: … _final.pdf

Daniel Fuchs