Topic: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

I am about to build an Ubuntu system using an old Digi96.
I know there are no 64bit windows drivers but there are certain reasons why I would prefer 64bit Ubuntu rather than 32bit.

Does anyone know if the Linux drivers are 32 bit only ?


Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

Hi rod
Unfortunately they do not have drivers for the digi 96 that work on 64bit
There are lots of posts of people that have them working on 32 bit but i havnt managed to make mine work yet

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Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

I have the digi9652 (the old hammerfall without dsp) successfully running in ubuntu 13.04 64bit, but only via Jack. Plain Alsa is sort of stuttering.

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Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

Well I installed 13.04 64 bit and the Digi96 partially works.
Rhythmbox will play mp3s with no problems and I can stream audio from the internet.

However the inputs are greyed out in Sound Settings.

I installed Tracktion and imported a wav file - it plays with very bad stuttering (set to ALSA).
No recording either.

I'm just starting to play around with Linux audio so what is Rhythmbox doing that Tracktion can't ?

Will try Audacity.

Audacity will play but no audio showing on the inputs

Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

Do you have alsa-tools-gui installed?
If yes, what's the output of:
< cat /proc/asound/modules >
Is the digi9652 listed?
Did you try try to install Jack, as i said that's working fine for me.

Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

I heard  about Digi96 Card under Linux, but I don't know the actual working of card.
anybody can me the actual working?? 

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Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)

I'm running the Digi96 soundcard in Linux Mint 17. Playback is perfect through Audacity software. Haven't checked the input yet...

The Digi96 card is a PCI interface soundcard with stereo analogue line level in and out plus, an 8 channel ADAT digital interface, plus stereo AES/EBU digital and SPDIF digital interface. Its a great audio card. Been using for about 10 years

Re: Digi96 Card under Linux (Alsa)


I now have Reaper (32 bit) running under WINE in 64bit Linux Mint 17 with the RME Digi96 card working perfectly.

First install the card and then install Linux Mint 17 64 bit.

The card should be recognized. Check:  Preferences / Sound
Select: Play Sound Through - Analogue Output RME Digi96/8 Pad
Now Select: Test Sound
Clicking on Test Front Left / Test Front Right should give audio output on the RME sound card.

Now install 32bit Reaper in WINE.

In Reaper select: Options / Preferences / Device / Audio device settings

Now select:

Audio - DirectSound
Input device - In: Default
Sample Format 24bit
Input channels 2
Samplerate 48000 Hz
Buffers 8 x 1024 sample
Audio Thread - Normal.
tick Allow projects to override device sample rate

This should now work OK!