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I'm new in this forum and in ubuntu studio. I've got a RME 400 and just buyed a quadmic. I've connected the two, line out of the quadmic and line in 5 in the RME 400. Nothing happen. The RME 400 works but the quadmic do nothing even if there is power supply.
Is this possible to connect quadmic and fireface 400? Do i have to put the fireface 400 on bus position? Do i have to use only a trs balanced jack for this kind of connection? Do i have to change something in the ffado mixer?
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Should be quite simple and straightforward to connect the QuadMic line out to the Fireface line in, you should use TRS balanced but a TS unbalanced cable will work as well. Does your mic require phantom power? If so, push the 48V switch on the QuadMic front panel.

Jeff Petersen
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Thank you for your answer. In fact it was supid, the power supply cable wasn't pushed enough!
The trouble i 've got now is to assign the lines in 48v of the quadmic in ardour. The quadmic lines do not appear in patchage and others.



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They should appear as  capture 5 (Line in 5) in the jackports. Don't look for a quadmic in ardour or jack, it is plugged analog so no way, that your computer knows what you plugged in.