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Topic: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

Being new ADI-2 FS owner, I've been reading a lot of threads here, and strugling with getting to play Tidal in bit-perfect mode.

Tidal can use only WASAPI. I've tried both stock Windows 10 drivers, which should (in theory) support frequency auto switching, but this does not happen. RME drivers are stuck at selected frequency as well. I've also tried "VB Cable" ASIO driver ( https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ ), which is a bridge between WASAPI and ASIO, and this one works well, except when it does not. I'm experiencing occasional stutter (my computer is 8-core 5GHz high-end PC with 32GB of RAM), so it's useless as well.

Sadly, I was not able to make stock Tidal app on Windows 10 to play bit-perfect(ly) on my new RME.

I know I can use Audirvana and ASIO RME drivers, but I hate Audirvana interface.

What else I can do to achieve bit-perfect playback on Windows 10 with stock Tidal app?
Thank you for any suggestions, including how to get rid off "VB Cable" stutter.

Right now, I've selected 352,8kHz in RME panel, and get everything 8x resampled and played via Tidal (most content is 44.1), but this is not ideal for unfolded 48 and 96kHz MQA content.

(ADI-2 FS is updated to latest firmware)

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Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

Does this help ?

https://forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.ph … 20#p132220

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Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

Thank you for reply, but this does not work.

"After completely removing the RME driver (Uninstall in Device Manager with 'remove software' or similar checked), the ADI-2 DAC will work as CC device with the UAC2 driver supplied by Microsoft within Windows 10."

I've tried this, using stock Windows drivers. RME ADI-2 FS stays at frequency I've selected in its settins, no auto-switching.

Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

For ASIO I have a solution for you: MusicBee, but its not for streaming Tidal ...

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Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

My music comes 99% from Tidal masters as a streaming source.
Audirvana https://audirvana.com/hi-res-streaming-services/ (which I've purchased for US$ 100) works well with it, as it supports both Tidal masters streaming and ASIO.
I was hoping I can use Tidal app, but seems I cannot?
That "frequency switching" with stock Windows drivers does not work at all.

I guess I will have to live with Audirvana interface then.

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Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

Do you have ADI-2 FS (no USB), ADI-2 DAC FS, or ADI-2 PRO FS?

Your question only makes sense if it's one of the latter (this thread's main topic), so try different settings in:

Setup/Options/Device Mode- DSD/...
Basic Mode

Clock Source

Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

I've got ADI-2 DAC FS.
Setting you mention make no difference, unfortunately.

Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback


I'm not streaming Tidal from any Windows machine but using dedicated streamers (Chromecast, Node, Roon app).   I didn't realize that Tidal app for Windows is limited to 44.1

I dont know if that helps but you can read this:

https://www.audiosciencereview.com/foru … -mqa.4421/

https://inspiringheadphones.com/are-you … idal-hifi/

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Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

No, Tidal on Windows is not limited to 44.1 smile It can play 44.1, 88.2, 96, etc., content without any problems, doing software unfolding. Problem is Tidal can use only WASAPI audio drivers on Windows, not ASIO, and current implementation of RME WASAPI drivers is stuck on frequency you pre-select, ie. it cannot autoswitch, thus not offering bit-perfect playback. If I select 96kHz in RME driver, Tidal well resample 44.1 and 88.2 content to 96, only 96 content leaving as it is. Using Audirvana with Tidal and ASIO interface works fine, ASIO switches RME unit frequency and offers bit-perfect playback for any content up to 768. But I would love to see Tidal working fine as well, and it does not.

Re: Windows 10 / Tidal/ bit-perfect playback

I have no problem in getting Tidal app to stream bit perfect audio from my win10 PC, though using COAXIAL connection.

I guess you your problem is with USB, so you may want to try Jriver, Jriver has WDM driver for Windows , select exclusive control mode in Jriver, then select Jriver Media Centre in Device in Tidal app will probably solve your problem. You need to launch Jriver in advance to achieve this.