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Topic: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

We are releasing a beta version of the upcoming firmware 1.4.0 for 12Mic and AVB Tool for testing.

Numerous features, fixes and improvements made it to this beta version:

  • feature: IEC 60268-18 scaling for levelmeters

  • feature (12Mic): show grandmaster of both PRI and SEC networks

  • fixed (12Mic): AVB redundancy failed when a primary stream was clock reference and interrupted

  • fixed (12Mic): overall improvements to redundant AVB

  • fixed: routings at single speed had an effect on soundness at double/quad speed

  • fixed (webUI): presentation time offsets were not correctly displayed after change

  • fixed (webUI): webUI can become unresponsive if computer wakes up from standby

  • fixed (webUI): soundness of ADAT output ports was not correctly displayed

  • fixed (MIDI): port assignments were not recalled after boot

  • improved: MIDI control

  • improved: display of preset names in webUI and on the device display

  • improved: CRF Stream support

  • improved: MILAN compatibility

  • and many more.

Download is here:
12Mic Firmware 1.4.0 Release Candidate
AVB Tool Firmware 1.4.0 Release Candidate
The firmware can be updated as usual (refer manual).

Feel free to test - we appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

Hi Max,
what is meant by
improved: MIDI control

Does it mean I can control the 12mic now with Midi? (Midi Remote, Totalmix?)?

Thanks for a clarification,

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

Hi Georg,

MIDI control has always been "there", however it was undocumented because we wanted to change a few major things that would break compatibility. With this firmware, we will publish the SysEx commands to control the 12Mic (and AVB Tool) with MIDI over MADI.

TotalMix AUX Device support is on our list. For those users who rely on MIDI control in their workflow and need something urgently, we have created an application called "MIDI Remote AVB" for Windows and macOS. I will post links to a beta version to try out tomorrow.

Best regards,

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

Great, I would really need that. I have cobbled something together using an old WLAN router, but it would be so much more elegant to control the 12Mic over Midi, as I do with the Octamic XTC.

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

Many thanks Max for this information.

X10SRi-F, E5-1650v4, Win10Pro21H2, Cub10Pro, UFX+, XTC, 12Mic, ADI-2 Pro FS R BE, RayDAT

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

I have an issue in a setup with 1 AVB tool, 3 12 Mic and 1 DIGIFACE AVB.

Whenever I switch off any device the AVB setup will not recover. Every setting is like before, but I have to remove all the stream settings of the AVB TOOL and reconnect all devices in the AVB controller before the clock recovers.

AVB is clockmaster as it is our monitoring device in the control room.
I wanted to be able to listen even when the 12 mics are turned off and not risk the clocking of the entire system if I have to restart the computer.

As it is now, I totally have to avoid ever switching off anything during a week of recording. I've several times barely made it on time resetting everything in the morning before the orchestra wanted to start.

Do you think the device is faulty?

Today I updated everything to 1.3 firmware which doesn't seem to solve the problems.

Re: Beta Firmwares for 12Mic and AVB Tool (1.4.0)

Hi Thore,

you mention you updated to 1.3.0 -> please test firmware 1.4 - the one this thread is about. I updated the links above today with the latest release candidate.

To discuss further details regarding your specific problem, please open a separate topic, along with the following information:

- stream format between AVB Tool and other devices (ie. AAF, 96 kHz, 8 Ch.)
- is the same outgoing stream (ie. Stream 1) from the AVB Tool source for all remaining AVB devices, or are you connecting different streams to different devices?
- the switch model used
- you mention that you have to change stream settings of the AVB Tool (Clock Master) in order to be able to reconnect from a controller. Could you explain what setting you are changing?
- could you observe the information AVB Tool > i (third button) > LAN Info > gPTP Grandmaster: in a normal working setup as you describe, the string should not start with "48:0b:b2" while your devices are up and running, and also should not change when you power off one of the other AVB devices. If it does at any time toggle to a string with "48:0b:b2" (the field automatically updates), this would be interesting to know.

Best regards,