Topic: Windows 11 insider - HDSPE AIO PRO Audio deterioration

Hi, I'm a Windows 11 insider.

I'm reporting a problem in Windows 11 where audio will gradually deteriorate, the volume goes lower, centre channel seems to disappear and there's weird warble (like low bitrate audio) until the audio has nearly gone. Occasionally it will go back to normal, but, gradually happens again.

Watching Youtube with Edge definitely triggers it, as well as gaming like Call of Duty Cold War.

The only way to fix it is to go into Totalmix and move the main volume slider to maximum and minimum, then, back to desired volume. However, within an hour it's corrupted again. Changing rate and asio latency doesn't fix it.

Device is running firmware 21, latest driver.

This bug once triggered also affects Reaper, so, it seems to be a system-wide problem.