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Topic: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?


I need 8 i/o of the best quality possible and thinking about either a M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS.

Which do you think is best?

The ADI-2 is probably better on it’s own but what will happen with SteadyClock and phase if I record something with 4 differend ADI-2 FS simultaneously?

I’ll probably connect them to a digiface USB.

What do the experts think?


Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

Best quality may sound  like a clear statement, but it is not. Best for what? What source, what sample rate, what goal?
IMHO 4 ADi's as slave to a digiface should be in phase accurate sync.

Vincent, Amsterdam
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Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

Oh, I mean the solutions that is the cleanest, lowest distortion, lowest noise, most linear. I have an ADI-2 Pro FS already and it has the best conversion I've ever heard. In my opinion (it's an opinion) it's better then exotic converters like Cran Song HEDD Quantum and Burl B2. I don't want the converters to alter the sound. If I where do go straight DA/AD i would like the result to be as close to the original as possible.

I use 44.1 kHz 24 bit. Do you mean that sample rate is a factor here?! Use cases is recording, hybrid mixing and monitoring. Studio use.

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Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

If you like the rme sound, neutral, you cant go wrong with one of the recent rme converters. MC himself said the ADI-2 Fs sounds identical to the pro and dac. I am sure both solutions will serve you 100%, if you like your pro. 
I am almost certain a ADI-8 mk3 will sound the same too. I never even heard the noise floor of my ADI9DS mk1 (or distortion)
If MC can confirm the phase accuracy of 4 ADI's that would be a perfect solution since you already like the sound and you will feel comfortable using it.
Doubt is an enemy too if you go for something else.

Vincent, Amsterdam
BFpro fs, 2X HDSP9652 ADI-8AE, 2X HDSP9632

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Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

I could even think of a combination of UFX II/+ and your existing ADI-2 Pro FS R BE.
Use the ADI for monitoring (speaker, phone) and connect the other stuff to the analog outputs of the UFX II/+.
The quality is well enough (and the ADI-2 FS also does not support any different D/A filter).

Option 2: RayDAT (PCIe) and 3-4x ADI-2 FS, then your existing ADI-2 Pro FS you can connect to RayDAT via AES.

Option 3: HDSPe AES (8x AES), then connect ADI-2 Pro FS and ADI-2 FS through AES.
According to manual the ADI-2 FS is AES compatible and with a special (adapter) cable you can use it, see manual.

With Option 2 you can use 10-15m long TOSLINK cables towards ADI-2 FS, Mutec cables are of good quality and not too stiff.
With Option 3: supports longer cables but they might be thicker compareable to MIC XLR cable.

Vinark, what do you thing about these alternatives ?

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Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

Thank you very much! People seem really helpful in this forum.

I would like to use AES/EBU but I have a laptop so I’ve got no PCI. Does it matter though, since the converters are reclocking?

I do love the ADI-2 FS! If only phase doesn’t make it less ideal then M-1610. Who is MC? smile

I’ve looked at the ADI-8 mk III too. It has great specs. It’s older then the others but that might not be an issue? It would be so awsome if there was an ADI-8 mk IV or ADI-8 FS ^^

It’s possible that UFX II/+ is good enough. I tried a UCX II and that was noticably worse then the ADI-2 Pro FS but the UFX might be better?

Yes doubt is really an enemy here! So true! ^^

Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

MC is the founder of RME Mathias Carstens
The adi8mk3 could run as clock master so steadyclock fs is not used so no jitter, Steadyclock (FS) only works for slave mode to get the same performance on external clock as internal.
If you don't like the UCX, stay with the ADI's.
If you need a fast reply from RME on the Phase, pose a question like:
Question for MC about using 4 adi2 fs (or what version you want)

Vincent, Amsterdam
BFpro fs, 2X HDSP9652 ADI-8AE, 2X HDSP9632

Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

Thank you very much!

I did as you said vinark.

FOI, link to new thread:

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Re: M-1610 Pro or 4x ADI-2 FS?

Ok, so I have now made several blind tests with:

Antelope ZenStudio+ (with RME ADI-2 Pro FS as master clock)
RME M-1610 Pro

Result: They are all so good that I cannot hear any conversion artefacts at all. I can't even tell which is the original file. Extremely good cenverters!!

The two ADI-2 FS I got was not in perfect sync though. They didn't have the exact same EAN-code (I think they ended with -96 and -97) so they may have been slightly different. I also don't know if the ADAT outs on my Antelope are synchronized.

Thanks for all your help!