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Topic: Problem about clocking UFX+ with Octamic XTC

Hi folks,

I'm using UFX+ connecting Octamic XTC via duplex Madi optical cable. And UFX+ as main clock sorce. I'm using Midi over Madi function to control XTC using MIDI Remote software.

When I changing the sample rate from 48KHz to 96KHz in UFX+ settings, XTC changing the sample rate itself, everything works fine.

But when I'm trying to change the sample rate from 96KHz back to 48KHz in UFX+, the XTC didn't follow. I can ONLY change the sample rate via MIDI Remote software.

Every device was updated to the latest version of firmware.

Is there something wrong with my settings? What should I do.




Re: Problem about clocking UFX+ with Octamic XTC

In UFX+ Settings dialog, did you set MADI Frame to 96k? I expect that as the unit changed to 96k. For the way back read this:

XTC manual, Sample Rate
Choices are 32, 44.1, 48, 64, 88.2, 96, 128, 176.4 and 192 kHz. Setting the correct sample rate is even necessary in slave mode, with external clocking via word or one of the digital inputs. Only with AES the real current sample rate can be detected. With the other S/MUX formats the user has to inform the unit, whether the input signal is in the single, double or quad speed range.

The change from 48k to 96k happens because the MADI format changes to a pure double speed format (96k Frame). But the single speed format (48k Frame) can mean both 48k or 96k (with SMUX), so the unit can not know what sample rate really is used. So unless you add an additional AES connection you will have to adjust the XTC manually.

Matthias Carstens