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I personally find the RME updates section confusing to know what's what between the Flash Updates section and the Mac OS X section.

Aside from looking at the release dates, I'm never really sure what does what but I just install the latest version from each section.

I just did a clean MacOS reinstall (no migration) on the Mac Pro where I had been having the permissions issue, as well as the issue where me AES card and/or AIO card were showing version 0 after the computer was idle and/or sleeping for a bit. I’m using macOS Monterey so hopefully no more permissions issues.

All that said, can anybody tell me if the latest versions of everything is installed based on these screen shots: … M.png?dl=0 … M.png?dl=0


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May you install this : …

Your Totalmix is 1.70 and the new Totalmix is 1.77
The driver on your screenshot seems to be up to date

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Re: Update Check

Thanks. Yes, MC helped me get up to 1.77 and so far since upgrading to Monterey, I don't have any permissions issues after updating other software (UAD, SoftRaid, etc.) so I think I'm good for awhile.

I actually have two AES cards installed now and an AIO card and everything is super stable.

RME for the win.