Topic: Adi 8 QS Sync issues at 192khz

Hi there!

I have the following working system: 2x Adi 8DS MK3 connected via AES/EBU to a HDSPe AES with Firmware Revision 205. I can record and play 16 channels @192khz it works.

Now I have bought a Adi 8 QS and exchanged one of the Adi MK3's with the Adi 8 QS. I set the Follow Clock (FC) in the settings to ON because I want it to receive the clock just like with the before-mentioned setting.

When I set the clock to 96khz it is in sync

When I set the clock to 192khz the channels 5-8 where the Adi 8 QS sits, show No Lock

This is what the outputs of the Adi 8 QS look like when it is in No Lock

What am I doing wrong? Do I miss a setting? Is the unit broken?

I am thankful for every advice.



Re: Adi 8 QS Sync issues at 192khz

First verify that the output side of the QS is able to send out 192 kHz correctly. For that set it to internal clock and the AES card to sync to the AES input. If you see a signal in the Settings dialog then the issue is the input side of the ADI-8 QS, not being able to sync to the 192 kHz AES signal. That could then be fixed by a small hardware mod that any technician can do.

Matthias Carstens

Re: Adi 8 QS Sync issues at 192khz

Thank you for the reply, I did what you proposed and it turns out that the output channel 4 of the device is broken when used at 192khz.

I bought the unit at a shop for used studio gear, it was advertised as fully functional and tested, I will return it and get my money back.

Thanks for your help in investigating this issue.