Topic: TotalMix interface won't respond - Win 11


I've just had a new PC setup. Windows 11. I'm using a HDSP AES i/o card with a ADI-8 QS. The card came from the old computer.

Drivers installed and the i/o works okay so far, but The TotalMix interface in completely unresponsive to any interaction.
It seems to be working, in that I can see audio coming in and out on meters on the correct channel but the window itself is not responding to anything. Any click creates a 'bell' system sound. I can't move or close it. It's as if there's a pop-up input window or something waiting for a response from me, but no other windows are open. The only way to close it is to kill it in Task Manager

I've downloaded and installed the latest public beta.
All drivers are as new as they could be just a few days ago.

This is a work machine with an IT department being pretty heavy handed with security, though I've had our IT support here with all their extra admin rights to no avail.  We tried running in compatibility modes also without success.

Any thoughts?


Re: TotalMix interface won't respond - Win 11

When starting there might be a flashing symbol in the systray from a dialog that asks for confirmation on what to do about 'Mismatch' of TM FX mix and channel settings. That dialog is either in the background or maybe off screen.

Installed driver version?

Matthias Carstens