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Hi, I'm from Qu?bec, Canada.

I bought a RME Fireface 400 3 years ago. I wanted to make it repaired depending on the cost.
I've found a place in Montr?al to make it repaired and now it's been 6 months and more since the unit is there.
I've asked Audiotechnik to tell me how it whas going with the repair of the unit.
They never phoned me to tell me how it whas going. At first they told me that the repair price whas going to be around 300$ canadian.
Now they took the right to replace the mainboard and the cost is up to 900$ canadian for the repair.
I think they started to repair the unit and I'm really disappointed because I could have bought a new device for the same price than the repair is.
The guy told me that it would cost me 200$ for the repair time and 700$ for the mainboard.
I never gave my word to him to repair the unit if it whas going to cost me this amount.
I'm really dissappointed because now I can't afford the repair and I know that MOTU for exemple is giving warranty that covers repair over 200$.
I could have bought a MOTU Ultralite MK3 for 600$ canadian. I never had a replacement unit while it whas in repair.
And I never had support from RME. What are now my options?

The guy that did the repair whas also working on his first RME and I don't even know if it's not him that burned the mainboard.
Because at first he told me that it whas only the firewire device that whas burned.
If you guys know what I can do now tell me?


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I want to add that my mainboard whas working before I gave him the sound card.
And I have a proof because I posted a message about it in this forum.
I also asked how much it would cost for the repair in different places and they always told me it whas going to be around 300$.

But now the device looks like it's dead and he wants me to pay for his tests.
I asked him if I could get back the device and he told me that it would cost me the price of the items he tried on the soundcard.
This guy is supposed to be a RME repairer...

Now the unit is still not working and if I want to go further it will cost me the price of a new unit.
Tell me what I should do now?

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Alright forget those messages. I fixed the problem.

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How did you fix it?

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Synthax replied to me. They told me they could replace the mainboard for 300$.
At least I got an answer from them.

He re is the answer from them

Synthax wrote:

Hi Jasmin,

Sorry to read about the problems you have experienced. The charges they quoted for this repair are much higher than I would expect.

Unfortunately, all that can be done for this problem in North America is to change the mainboard. The chip soldering is done by machines in the factory, so in order to repair your FW chip, the unit would need to be returned to Germany for repairs. This can take several months before the unit is back. If you would prefer to do this, we can manage the shipping and repairs for you.

Do they still have the unit at this repair center? If you want to send it to us at Synthax US, we can exchange your mainboard for about $300 plus shipping.