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Currently I am using the Fireface 400 with a digital preamplifier that has an AES-3 output. The preamplifier is connected to the S/PDIF input of the FF400. In this case, the FF400 is set to Autosync mode and preferred reference clock is set to S/PDIF, so the FF400 is slave and the preamplifier is master. This works very well.

I plan on getting an ADAT 8-input 8-output converter. Can I set it to slave mode, plug it to the ADAT sockets of the FF400, and everything will work correctly (still using the preamplifier as master clock)?

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Re: Digital clocking question

Sure, if the AD/DA is able to sync to ADAT input. You can always take Word Clock out of the FF400 as well (still running the preamp as clock master).

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Re: Digital clocking question

Thanks for your answer. Actually it looked logical, but as I never tried using both S/PDIF and ADAT at the same time I preferred asking before.

The AD/DA is a second hand Marian ADcon that a friend is selling. It does not have any Word Clock socket but anyway from the manual it can sync to a valid ADAT clock signal:

"The ?Mode? switch changes the operation mode of your ADCON:
In ?AD/DA? position, the ADCON synchronizes to the sampling rate of the existing ADAT signal and works as clock slave."