Topic: FF400 glitching, sounding half tempo

HI all,

I have the FF400 running from a mac book pro running OS 10.5.8
I also use Ableton 8.2.

I have recently started using the FF400, and it has been fine, until i started using the midi functions.

Today I had it plugged into a Machine Drum, and an APC 20 running via usb also talking to Ableton.

I was triggering machine drum sounds via ableton clips, and running about 25 channels of 16 bit 44.1 audio.

Every now and then, the FF400 would glitch out, with high squeely noises and it would sound like the music had slowed down to half tempo.

I thought it might be because I had not updated the firmware/drivers since installing the ones on the disk supplied, tried this, and got the message

Failed with error 20000000

Any ideas what might be the problem???

cheers all.

Re: FF400 glitching, sounding half tempo

OK so now it is totally cracking it.

It was glitching out more and more regularly, So I tried the firmware update again. This time it worked, I turned everything off and back on again, and straight away it was distorting just as bad. I tried all sorts of buffer rates, no difference.

Then it sustained a long glitch, it turned into continuous distortion. I listened for a while I realised it was only what was coming from the Machine Drum. all the audio from Ableton was processing fine, (however earlier it had been glitching aswell)

I checked the output of the machine drum and it was outputting perfect audio.

Then the master outs got wierd on the RME, with the right speaker working at low volume, with nothing coming from the left, and then as I wound the volume up the left one took over and the right died out. Then it changed again and the right just locked onto a medium volume, regardless of where I had the volume dial.

So yeah, its cracked it.

Re: FF400 glitching, sounding half tempo

Did restarting the Mac help to get it back in line?

Does it only happen when the Midi channels are used? Does it make any difference if you disable the Midi going to the Machine Drum and APC (when Live's Midi engine is overload it may show slowing down of playback speed).

Re: FF400 glitching, sounding half tempo

Hey there, no difference after restarting, in fact if anything it got worse after this.

Unplugging the APC made no difference.

Unplugging the midi out from the Machine Drum to the RME made no difference.

It had worked solidly for 2 days before I used it to send midi signals to the Machine Drum.

I have used midi hubs before which ableton could handle easilly.