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Hi RME users,
Here are links to the latest USB 3.0 chipset drivers/firmware currently available.
For anyone having performance troubles related to using your RME interface on a USB 3.0 port.
Typically updating to the latest driver and/or firmware for the USB 3.0 controller fixes the issue.

Intel -
Intel® USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver

NEC/RENESAS USB3 Controller Driver s and firmware

**Asmedia -
Asmedia USB3 Controller Driver and Firmware

**Etron Technology-
Etron Tech USB 3 Controller Driver

**Make sure to check your motherboard manual or technical Specifications for the correct brand and model chipset.

Important Note:
Make sure to turn off or unplug any USB devices attached to the USB 3.0 ports before doing the driver or firmware update.
Always backup your system and/or create a restore point before updating any device drivers.
Avoid doing any driver updates or installs while in the middle of a recording session......

Thanks Chris

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Etron driver download is now at

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Hello , If my motherboard is gigabayte and processor is AMD what i need to download ?

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I m having digital clipping too.
I have an Imac with intel  3.2 i5 late 2013
Can I run the driver for the usb 3 update on the imac ?


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No way.

Matthias Carstens

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Thanks for your post, it helped me quite a lot

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Sorry but i'm lost with my ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V LE PLUS Rev X.0x.. Can you help me ? What I have to download ?

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Sorry but whats so difficult to do that on your own ? You also didnt provide the OS for which you need it.

I put one example, its simple you should be able to do it.

Google for your board and go to the service area of Asus Website … _Download/

Choose your OS and then you will see up to around 4 different USB3 drivers:
- 2 newer
- 2 older
for Intel and ASMedia USB3 chips.

Look into device manager or onto your mainboard, what USB3 chips they have mounted on the board.
Most likeky you require 2, I would try the newest which are compatible to your OS.

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Re: USB 3.0 chipset driver downloads

Hello all,

i'm quite interested in that post because i just renew my computer in order to finally renew my sound interface.
I currently own a fireface 800 and i'm still balancing between a fireface UFX+ and an antelope orion studio 2017.

I was afraid when reading the fireface UFX+ spec cause it mentions:
"ASMedia - not compatible."

My new mother board being a gigabyte ga-Z370 gaming 7 seems to include only ASMedia USB3.0 controllers.
I know i'd better buy a thunderbolt 3 expansion cards which will fit my motherboard model, but i can't afford everything in the same time.

So, i would like to be sure i can operate a fireface UFX+ on this motherboard USB3 ports with ASMedia controller.

I feel the "ASMedia - not compatible." mention is quite exclusive as i think ASMedia probably builds several references of controllers.

What do you think about that? what is your feedback?
As you propose a link to ASMedia drivers download, i suppose some of you use ASMedia controllers, maybe with UFX+ interfaces?

I'm sorry if some of my sentence are not catchable, i'm french...
Also sorry if this doesn't perfectly match the subject.

I thank you in advance,


EDIT: also, maybe i do not only have ASMedia controller for USB3, spec are not so clear...