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Topic: ADI - 2 as second Headphone output for Fireface UC

Hello everybody,

I am planning to get the fireface UC and would like to connect it with the Adi-2
(this version: https://www.session.de/RME-ADI-2-B-WARE … KL0fD_BwE)

Is it possible to use the Headphone output of the Adi-2 along with the headphone out of the Fireface UC and hearing the same whole session that I record?

Thank you for your help,

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Re: ADI - 2 as second Headphone output for Fireface UC


Yes, it is possible! You can connect it, either by SPDIF coaxial(RCA-type) cable or SPDIF Optical(TOSLINK) or via regular Balanced TRS cables. Then, it's only a matter of routing in TotalMix!

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Re: ADI - 2 as second Headphone output for Fireface UC

Yes .. and using digital data transfer would have the advantage, that audio stays digital / unaltered up to the D/A converter of the ADI-2 which are a little better compared to those of the UC when looking at the technical data of the D/A section in the manual.

I would choose optical data transfer by TOSLINK cable, because then you have
- galvanic isolation on top and
- the flexibility in placement of the ADI-2, because TOSLINK cables can be up to 15m long (sometimes even 20m).

Assuming your UC is clock master you only need to set the ADI-2 to get clock from optical, see front switch "clock input".

I can recommend you this TOSLINK cable, never had quality issues with them: https://www.thomann.de/de/mutec_optisches_kabel_2m.htm
The plugs sit tight, but still can be plugged out easily and and the cable is not too thick. I am using this cable in different length, the longest is 15m between UFX+ and ADI-2 DAC and it can be used up to 192 kHz without any issues.

Please note: too thick TOSLINK cables (like this one from Sommer Cable: https://www.thomann.de/de/sommer_cable_ … el_3m.htm) exert unnecessary transverse forces on the plug and cannot be laid so easily because they like to form loops. For example, if you want to lay several TOSLINK cables for a RayDAT card, then you can easily twist thinner cables together, this is not possible with thicker cables.

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Re: ADI - 2 as second Headphone output for Fireface UC

Thank you very much for the answers!
I will get the Adi-2 and the TOSLINK cable that you recommended.