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Hi all,

i work a windows 10 studio computer and would love to have the digicheck running on a small seperate display/monitor.
Does any of you have suggestions what would work on a display port and is quite small (7"-10") and trusty?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Digicheck on an extra display

I did this, and there's some guy on youtube who demonstrates the same - a 7" monitor as a 3rd monitor. I have 2 monitors (TM and my audio software)  and the 3rd one is for digicheck. Nice luxury to have,digicheck is the bundled software of all time so it's worth making the best of.Easy enough to sort it with windows but I had to use a multi-monitor utility and get a docking station purely for the HDMI output my 7" screen requires. Also, most standard PC's graphics card will only offer 2 outs, that becomes the beef of the issue... you're asking more of your processing when really you should be optimising loads of it to processing the sound. Not the video..
But I'm used to mid range computers, I have to think this way- maybe you have a super powerful PC so multiple graphics will be no big deal

Re: Digicheck on an extra display

I got the Lilliput 4K one, it's pretty sharp

Re: Digicheck on an extra display

Thanks for your advice. I`ll go with a lilliput too. The PC should handl the load on the secong Display out.