Topic: 12Mic broken after 2nd run

Today I received new 12Mic unit. I run it, plugged microphone into one of the inputs and it was working fine. I made some routing, I could listen to the plugged microphone. When I was turning gain knob or toggling phantom, obviously there was some signal present, even when nothing was connected.
I left it for few hours, run it again and voila: it doesn't take any signal from analog inputs. I mean when I go to web remote control, I see there is some noise -110dB, -120dB on all analog inputs and if I turn gain up, to 75dB, it jumps to -100 - -110dB, but it doesn't react to any input signal. When I select analog input (via button), it shows LEVEL -73.7 dBFS and it doesn't change. I tried to connect microphone, nothing. Tried line inputs, nothing. When I rotate gain knob or toggle phantom, previously it was hitting like -30 - -50dB, now nothing. I thought maybe there was some issue and it was fixed in firmware, so I found new firmware and updated (from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2), but still no difference. I tried to power off/on, press knob button when turning on for more seconds (maybe there is some hard reset function...), no change. Everything else seems to work ok. Do you have any ideas how to fix it? Otherwise I will just return it, however I wanted to use it for recordings I have in next 2 weeks...

Re: 12Mic broken after 2nd run

Hi puciak,

sorry for the inconvenience you have with your new device!
Is there a chance you could test the headphone output, using a signal supplied via MADI oder AVB?