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Topic: Big Sur and multiple (aggregated) HDSPe devices


first I'd like to thank MC for todays quick driver update for Big Sur! However, since the second beta and current release version there is an issue regarding multiple RME devices (at least for me).
I have 2x RayDat and 1x Madi card which I have setup as an aggregated device. This always worked perfectly in Mojave, Catalina and even the first Big Sur beta. Beginning with the second beta there appears to be an issue with the synchronization of those 3 cards which shows as followed:

1. Open Cubase
2. Create any Instrument / Audio lane etc.
3. Playback --> no audio output in Cubase or TotalMix

There was a workaround (which does not work anymore) by opening up "Audio Midi Setup" and deselecting the second and third card from the aggregated device and then reselecting them. By that the issue was fixed (mostly) instantly. Now, this only results in a loud tone comming from the master out channel mixed with whatever comes out from Cubase.
After installing the new driver I also deleted the aggregated device and recreated it, but the issue was not resolved by this
Individual cards output e.g. Youtube playback is not affected, so this only occurs for the aggregated device.

If there is any fix or anything I could do help would be most appreciated!


I've just installed the new Big Sur 11.1 Beta and the issue appears to be gone. Hopfefully it stays that way (fingers crossed)

Re: Big Sur and multiple (aggregated) HDSPe devices

Another update:
unfortunately the issue is suddenly back and I have no idea why. Could it be that there might be another issue with Big Sur and the driver?