Topic: Audio streaming from Ipad using AVB/Dante

I am looking for a solution to stream audio data from/to my Ipad Pro (with Ethernet connexion) over the local network.
As far as I understand, the Digiface AVB requires either a Mac or a PC.
Is there any RME product that would allow this?
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(currently running a Firefice UCX in class-compliant modus)

Re: Audio streaming from Ipad using AVB/Dante

this would be fantastic...
Unfortunately I doubt that apple has built in native AVB support in IOS. But it would be cool to see a driver from RME for the digiface avb (and certainly the other high channel interfaces) for iPad. Now with the common hardware platform m1 / Axx and the OS integration strategy of apple this should be not that difficult. The iPad has more than enough horsepower for recording high amount of tracks. It would make live recordings a breeze :-)